Yes, they are out of their minds!

Verse - They are darkened in their understanding Ephesians 4-18 (JSL Ancient 33)

What darkness flows from the hearts of the deceived and the willfully ignorant.

Madness Berlin

Bishop Eva Brunne of the Lutheran Church of Sweden wants to remove crosses from churches and establish prayer room which are aligned with Mecca in order to provide a more inviting atmosphere for visitors of other faiths, in particular Muslims. Bishop Brunne who is a lesbian and is “married” to another priest seems to have no limits on what she will choose to ignore in God’s word.   story here

Qasim Rashid, writing for in a push-back against Dr. Ben Carson states, “Islam gave women equal rights in 610 that our own United States haven’t given even in 2015. story here

Bio-ethics philosopher Matthew Liao of New York University is so concerned about climate change that he proposes genetically altering human beings in such a way to stem the tide of greenhouse gases. His suggestions include genetically modifying people’s eyes so they are able to see in dim light, like a cat, so that we don’t need as many light bulbs. He also suggests the possibility of artificially inducing “intolerance to red meat by stimulating the immune system against common bovine proteins” since the amount of energy to produce steak is so high. story here

Ethel Rosenberg who was executed with her husband for treason in 1953 has been honored by the New York City Council who claim her execution was an injustice based on a “rush to judgment” during a time when there was “a lot of hysteria” associated with anticommunism. story here

Gretta Vosper, an ordained minister and avowed atheist with the United Church of Canada is pushing back against efforts to expel her from the pulpit. She openly admits to her belief that the Bible is “mythology” and she also denies that Jesus is the Son of God. Though she came out in 2001 as an atheist, her congregation continued to support her for the next 7 years. It wasn’t until she tried to eliminate the Lord’s Table from the church that most of her congregation left. story here

The Rev. Scott McKenna of the Church of Scotland preaches a message declaring that Jesus did not die for the sins of the world, believing that such theology is “ghastly” and an obstacle to evangelism. He states that he finds himself “most embarrassed” when talking about this theology which is “well past its sell date, and in some sense quite immoral.” story here

Twenty scientists are so weary of their battle with climate change skeptics that they are asking the administration to considering using RICO laws to go after the skeptics who keep muddying up the water and confusing people as to this dire situation. I have included the names and university for each of the supporters of prosecuting those who disagree with them:

Jagadish Shukla, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, Edward Maibach, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA; Paul Dirmeyer, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, Barry Klinger, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, Paul Schopf, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, David Straus, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA, Edward Sarachik, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, Michael Wallace, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, Alan Robock, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, Eugenia Kalnay, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, William Lau, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, Kevin Trenberth, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, CO, T.N. Krishnamurti, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, Vasu Misra, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, Ben Kirtman, University of Miami, Miami, FL, Robert Dickinson, University of Texas, Austin, TX, Michela Biasutti, Earth Institute, Columbia University, New York, NY, Mark Cane, Columbia University, New York, NY, Lisa Goddard, Earth Institute, Columbia University, New York, NY, Alan Betts, Atmospheric Research, Pittsford, VT  story here

Anthea Butler, a religion studies professor at the University of Pennsylvania recently called Dr. Ben Carson a “coon” in response to his position that people have the right to display a confederate flag on private property.  story here

Nancy Pelosi tells  CNN’s Jake Tapper that the Planned Parenthood videos aren’t real.  story here

Professor Lester Breikss at Washington State University believes that referring to men and women as “males” or “females,” is “oppressive hate speech.” story here

Bahar Mustafa, a diversity officer at Goldsmiths, University of London posted on social media “kill all white men.” story here


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When Shall We See Him?

When Shall We See Him?

a simple poem of our Lord’s return by Rollin Miller

When shall we see him,
When shall we rise,
Most from the grave lain,
The rest yet alive.

And when we do see him,
A change will take place,
For we will be like him,
The gift of his grace.

When shall we see him,
The day no man knows,
An imminent promise,
His mercy bestows.

And when we do see him,
All fears shall be gone,
And sorrow will join them,
As we praise God with song.

A cry falls from heaven, the great trump is blown,
The Lord descends quickly in the clouds of the air,
To gather his saints, his bride soon to be,
Who’s taken to heaven and mansions prepared.

When shall we see him,
When shall he come,
The darkness surrounding,
Our victory he’s won.

And when we do see him,
Our rapture complete,
Our glory in him seen,
A joy oh so sweet.

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What If You’re Wrong?

There is no question for the Children of God that we are indeed living in dark days. What is astonishing is the number of non-believers who have a sense that the world is on a collision course as well.

May the Lord open the eyes of the unsaved and bring them out of the darkness and into his marvelous light.

I hope that this video will help accomplish that.

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A Mask of Deceit …

Verse - Shall I Count Them Pure (JSL Ancient 38)

The old-time magician walks out on to the stage in front of the anxious crowd, carrying with him his bag of tricks or at least a hat from which everyone expects a rabbit to be pulled. And as birds appear, playing cards fly and associates get sawn in half, the magician will capture the imagination of the wide-eyed crowd and cause a few gasps to be heard, but in the end everyone walks out entertained with no loss but the price of admission.

Of course it is not only the magician which projects his wiles through tricks and sleight of hand, and I might add, most of those others are after more than the price of a ticket to get in to the show.

Given half a chance, there are plenty of people out there waiting and ready to take you to the cleaners.

The light is short because of darkness ... we see through a glass darkly.

The light is short because of darkness … we see through a glass darkly.

Do you happen to know any of them?

Of course you do. We all do. But most of them are ‘small-fry’ compared with the political machine and its captain of destruction who have worked very hard to keep their commitment to the people by ‘fundamentally changing’ America. And my how things have changed.

Granted, there are those die-hard fans who remain firmly committed to the progressive cause and are ignorantly willing to see this through to the end, though to borrow our quote from our Lord, “Father forgive them, for they know not what they are doing”. Quentin Tarantino is one of those ‘true blue’ without a clue boys, who is quoted as believing that the president is “fantastic” and hands down his “favorite” of his lifetime. Tarantino is particularly pleased with the president’s work this past year, calling is “awesome.”

Despite those who remain ardent fans, our president has taken us down a few dark alleys and zipping along a winding roads, having done so with little regard to posted speed limits, stop signs or red lights along the way. He is after all president, and his motorcade is above the law.

Which by the way brings up the inevitable questionif the president acts above the law isn’t he by definition lawless?

Can you not hear the complaints already?

How dare such an utterance be made! He is the president of the United States after all, and deserves the respect of the office and our prayerful support.

The only prayerful support he is in need of is that light would shine into the dark recesses of his soul that he may see the blackness of his arrogance and flee from itthat he would come face to face with his sinfulness and turn to the only one who can deal with it, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The truth is that this president is lawless and acts with flagrant impunity to the laws of this land and to the laws of God.  He sets his feet on the path of the wicked and walks where evil men walk. But he is no different from any other man or woman in desperate need. He is no different from me.

When I look upon the president’s face, who or what do I see?

What mask is he wearing today and what is he covering up?

His is a mask no different from the type of mask I have worn in my life. It is a mask of swagger and confidence. It is a mask of education and bearing. It is a mask of persuasive arguments and convenient lies. It is a mask of mystery to hide the darkness inside.

Mr. President, your mask may fool a lot of people, but it cannot fool God. He sees it all, and he cannot and will not count your wicked and deceitful actions as pure.

I know. I have been there. The struggles of my will surrendered is a struggle that I face everyday. But at least I know about my mask. At least I know about my daily need for my Savior and though sinfulness can ravage me, it is the grace of God which breaks me in two, knowing that he loves me so much in spite of myself.

What do you say Mr. President? How about you?

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I Will Come Again!

I just completed and uploaded this video to and I hope you enjoy it.

Some of the speakers you will probably recognize, while others you may not. The speakers are Billy Graham, Jack Hunter, Adrian Rogers, Anne Graham Lotz, John Macarthur and Harold Paisley.

I have already started work on the next video and look forward to getting it out on the internet as well.

Keep looking for the Blessed Hope.


And run with patience …

New Verse - Background with Running Man (black) (Hebrews 12-1,2)Borrowing some thoughts and inspiration from one of my other blogs (, which is primarily about health and running with a few spiritual nods thrown in, I thought I might have a convergence of thought.

The parallels which can be drawn between the physical and spiritual cannot and should not be overlooked. Certainly the writer of Hebrews didn’t in this marvelous passage of Scripture. The apostle Paul draws allusions to both runners and boxers in 1 Corinthians 9:24-26 illustrating our Christian lives in terms of struggle, effort, discipline and sporting events, though without a competitive strife amongst each other. Rather, the focus of our race is our Lord and the desire to be found faithful and proven—not rejected (adokimos).

The last article I wrote on NIKWN4me (which by the way if you do not know what NIKWN is, it is Greek for victory) is called Do not be afraid … which focuses on the discouragement, dismay, hopeless and fear which comes when people believe the lies, and the lies are everywhere and in everything.

Brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, we are risen with Christ and therefore our eyes, our attention—should be on things above Paul wrote in Colossians 3:1, where Christ is sitting on the throne of God.

Our affections should not and must not be pulled away from the glory of the Lord, helplessly and hopelessly clinging on to the things of the earth as Lot’s wife did, which will soon pass away in the dust and rubble of his judgment. No, our affections should be upon the finish line of our race, where we see our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ—the author and finisher of our faith—who for the joy that was set before him, endured the cross and despised the shame for the glory of the Father and our eternal benefit and has risen from his throne with outstretched hands encouraging us to stay upon our Lord.

As a redeemed child of God, your identity is in Jesus Christ—a new creation, and is not in anything the world offers. The world offers lies while God offers truth. The world offers death while Jesus offers himself—life.

The disrupting anguish brought upon the world by sin tries to drown out the truth of God’s love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. And by faith we receive God’s gift of life through his Son Jesus Christ, our old fallen lives crucified with him on Calvary and a new life in Jesus supernaturally born at that very moment—a beautiful life born in Christ himself.


So don’t believe the lies that fill your head, trying to get you to identify in your sinful, corrupt and fallen nature. Don’t believe the antidotes the world has to offer. Don’t accept the promises of people. Don’t place your trust in man (Psalm 118:8-9) but put your trust in him whose name is Faithful and True (Revelation 19:11).

Just keep on running—knowing that while you placing one foot in front of the other your sin nature, the world and Satan himself are all teaming up to trip you up—to make you fall and become discouraged while filling your mind with the lies that the failure you just experienced is all that you are. They try to grab you by the bit, turning your eyes off the Lord and on to your sins—but though your sins were once as scarlet they are washed away by the blood of Christ and you are white as snow.

Just keep on running—and with every step taken we are faced with a choice—life or death, blessing or cursing. And we are encouraged to choose life.

Ignore that the enemy team will try to confuse you, clouding your mind and make you identify with your failings and your sin. The world knows nothing! How often have we found the apostle Paul, writing from his jail cell as a prisoner of Jesus Christ and not as a prisoner of Rome or of Caesar? Paul understood his identity. Rome and the world of today doesn’t.

The world has no grasp of identity, for we live in a world in which a white woman identifies herself as a black woman and a man identifies himself as a woman. We live in a world where the life of a lion is exalted and the lives of the unborn are parsed out on the black market.

Our world applauds that which should be shameful and denigrates that which is pure. Our world is a world where evil is called good and good is called evil.

Do not listen to the world.

Do not look upon the world.

Do not try to hold on to the world.

Look unto Jesus and keep running.

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